Happy new year!

Dear community,

On the last day of the outgoing 2018 me, Alex Noxon, for the first time address to you as a CEO of Swap Online project.
A year ago I got an idea of building a simple and decentralized service to connect all blockchains without any third party. I have studied all excited trends in this field, like PolkaDot, Plasma and of course the very first Atomic Swaps. The choice of building Swap Online was very obvious since there blockchain world really needed such kind of tool – easy to use, scalable and truly decentralized.

Within one year, we have gathered a decentralized team all across the world. Excited with an idea of building Swap Online, all team members did their best, and here what we have

  • We have launched Swap Online on mainnet only in six months after starting the development. According to Ernst & Young, such goal appeared to be impossible for 84% of all blockchain projects.
  • We were the first who performed an Atomic Swap with the most common stable coin – USDT. And now any project can sell their tokens with this stable coin in a decentralized manner
  • Facing the heavy competition from CEX and classic DEX we have collaborated with 45 solid projects, listed their tokens in Swap Online and gave their communities a handy hot wallet and a way to exchange tokens with BTC and USDT. Unlike our competitors, we haven’t charged any price for this
    We are constantly doing R&D and implementing new blockchains in our cross-chain protocol. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and the most fair fork of EOS – Telos were integrated.
  • Created a big network of partners and followers, all across the world.

What goals do we set for 2019? We believe, in 2019 Swap Button will become an industry standard for all types of token distribution – both ICO and secondary token sale. A lot of DApps requires a way to sell tokens to their users without third party – and we will give it to them with our Swap Button.

We have achieved a license for performing exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money (security tokens). And 2019 will be the year when we will complete this task.

Finally – keep doing hard work on integrating as many blockchains, as possible. What will be the next one? We will reveal it soon enough!

And we want to thank our community for support. Our followers are our main wealth. Guests of our blogs, owners of wallets on Swap Online, operators of our forks and all-all-all who are interested in advanced cross-chain technology. We will do all we can to become better for you.

Happy New Year,

Sincerelly yours,

Alexandr Noxon