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SWAP.Online team presented the unique technology of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange protocol (DEP). Through this DEP, users will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies directly in browser with no apps, clients, plug-ins installed. The protocol uses the Atomic Swaps technology, thus it seems to be the most technically advanced decision in the world of cryptocurrencies. ERC20 <==> ERC20 as well as ERC20 <==> BTC swaps are now being tested.

Your Currency in Our Balances. Our Technology for Your Profit.

Now, after all development and test proceedings we are proudly presenting the solution for every ERC-20 token to be exchanged on every ERC-20 token. Why we don’t call it ‘listing’? SWAP.Online avoid all the disadvantages of classic listing procedures. For example, to list your token on Cryptobridge or its partners, you should pay 11 to 20 thousand USD in BTS tokens. We will put your token to balances for free. This is not the joke: let’s cross our audiences and make profit together! Also, we don’t make enormous demands for the tokens to be added to our balances. E.g. Localbitcoins won’t work with the project with less than 1B USD estimated price, as its CEO said in Mar, 2018. We are opened for all more-or-less appropriate project token.

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Immediate Prospects

Being added to our balances seems to be wise and profitable step for every serious token project. SWAP.Online provides not one but two beaking-through solutions for the market. Besides the DEP, SWAP.Online will launch the button designed to accept cryptocurrency to your project as easy as Visa payments to online-shop. So, the project is on the verge of big hype and big traffic: don’t hesitate to use it for your token. All we need is ERC-20 address of your token and its icon (symbol). Elaborated back-end allows to start to exchange you token as soon as possible. All leading altcoins as well as BTC have already been put to the balances, so, the list of trading options is already big and will only continue to expand.

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