All-in-one: the system of decentralized blockchain banking for your business

Our interface acts as the payment system with multiple currencies and built-in exchange features. If we exclude traditional cryptocurrencies, we can organize trading for any asset: USD, EUR, GOLD, OIL etc. Thus, you can use as the full-fledged payment system, exchange of different assets. It will be really low-cost system as there is no need for the big team of full-time developers to maintain it: all data will be stored in blockchain.

How we can help you?

We can build the full-fledged accounting system for different assets on your domain
We can organize decentralized cross-asset exchange (stablecoins, cryptocurrencies – as the option).
We can organize the cryptocurrency lending (deposit and withdrawal – through your middleman)

By the way, we can’t withdraw fiat assets and deal with your legal issues.

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