Swap.Online does not charge any fees for exchanges.

However, there is a fee that is paid to miners for transactions – the flow of assets in the blockchain costs some money.

Let’s consider an example where Alice wants to exchange her Bitcoins to Bob’s ERC20 tokens:

In order to exchange BTC<>ERC20 both Alice and Bob should lock and unlock the assets.

Alice will be charged:
1. Deposit within the Bitcoin script which locks the assets (miner fee 300-400 sat/byte) ~$0.08,
2. Withdrawal ERC20 tokens from smart-contract (miner fee 45 000 gas limit, ~$0.08. Gas price 5 GWEI).

1. Deposit ERC20 tokens within the smart contract to lock the assets in Etherium network
2. Withdrawal Bitcoins from the script that blocked Alice’s assets

Exchanges are more affordable with OTC Market Swap.Online than on other exchange platforms for transactions equal to or more than $100, because of a fixed fee. The larger the size of the transaction the more affordable become exchanges on OTC Market Swap.Online for you. Other exchange platforms work a different way: they charge 0.3% commision for transactions plus you pay a fixed fee, therefore the larger the size of the transaction the more you pay.

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