First Step Forward

   As it was previously said, the Swap.Online project, a Russia-based crypto start-up, has launched the Smart Bounty campaign to promote its new products – decentralized crypto exchange and a b2b-solution for accepting crypto for different projects. Our Smart Bounty campaign is multi-level and designed to reward only the best participants. The plan of the campaign is carefully considered, moderate and responsible, including not only classic social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, but even Medium as well as translation and blogs bounty.

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   In early June, 2018, the first stage of the Smart Bounty campaign was completed. Zakhar B, Swap.Online Bounty & Airdrop Department head, stated that it can be considered a success. “First SWAP tokens have been sent to the most diligent participants. Who are they? Well, we put together a brilliant team of crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world. The expertise level our participants is really high, and their content is unique and interesting. Most commonly, one user participates in different branches of the Smart Bounty – e.g. Twitter and Telegram, Twitter and Facebook etc. At the moment the total number of our bounty-hunters is estimated at some three hundred. We have already sent out five thousand SWAP tokens. On a side note, we cannot be pleased enough, that there was no single issue with incorrect token payout”.

   Zakhar seems to be very enthusiastic about the future stages of Smart Bounty campaign. “We keep track of the whole process. Some conditions of the future stages may be tuned in the process of  the campaign, but the main principles remain unchanged: different platforms, different languages, only the best get the reward”.

   It needs to be mentioned that there are a lot of ways to join the Swap.Online community, contribute to the promotion of information and get the Swap.Online tokens – a unique utility-token with very limited supply. As no ICO is scheduled, the Smart Bounty and Smart Airdrop participants are almost the only possible token holders.


   If you are interested in promotion of Swap.Online products in social media or you are skilled at writing, translating, producing videos etc. join our Smart Bounty campaign.

   If you are a decentralization geek, investor, crypto-maniac or IT-girl, join our Smart Airdrop (hurry up, Jun 30, 2018 is closer than you think!).

   If you have a great social impact and can visit crypto&ICO events in your country, become our Ambassador: the reward is truly unique!


   Stay tuned, and become a part of Swap.Online.

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