Swap.online for the developers of new blockchains

By creating a new blockchain, you can build a billion-dollar project.
How the Swap.online can help you?

First decentralized application (dApp) on your blockchain

Infrastructure is the key element of the blockchain success. Decentralised applications, games, exchanges (DEXs) – that’s what blockchain is started from.
Swap.online is ready to buid the ‘entrance point’ to your blockchain with no centralized services involved.
Centralized services allow to deposit the users’ assets to your blockchain, but this process is rather costly and cumbersome. Moreover, the means of your users are under control of the centralized exchanges’ administration. This administration can organized hard check, can steal the money or let the scammers of all sorts to do it.
Using the Atomic Swaps technology, Swap.online will let your users to deposit crypto in fully decentralized manner.

Transferring the assets from ERC-20 to your Blockchain

Like the famous EOS blockchain, a lot of projects organize crowdsale in the Ethereum network and after the mainnet release, re-issue the asset on their own blockchain. This scheme brought 4B USD to EOS.
Swap.online will convert old tokens into the assets of new blockchain.

Decentralized token launch on your blockchain

The ERC-20 tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Your blockchain can act the same way!
Moreover, the widget by Swap.online can help your partners to do it in decentralized manner. Your blockchain will be the payment gateway and exchange solution for your partners.

Community management, PR-support

The usage of Atomic Swaps in your project mechanism is a very attractive announcement for your community and investors. This progress can be verified easily: the users will shortly check this information and the value of your project will significantly rise. Swap.online can inform maximum quantity of people about Atomic Swaps in your project.

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