Swap.online for DEXs

The popularity of single-blockchain DEXs (BinanceDEX, WavesDEX etc.) is growing rapidly. High speed of transactions is the main advantage of this type of exchanges. By the way, some cryptocurrencies can be deposited to these DEXs only via additional human-controlled centralized systems. It threats to reverse the important gains of decentralization.

Swap.online has the technology allowing to deposit every cryptocurrency available to particular DEX – most frequently it is Bitcoin – through special widget.

We can deploy this widget to your website or to the special domain.
Marketmakers will be able to exchange their currency on the IOU (proxy-token) and sell it without the limitations.
Where is the profit for your service? Acting as a marketmaker itself, it can earn the spread from the deals with the crypto we will help you to add. Even if there will be marketmakers ready to trade with zero fee, we can pre-install commission to your blockchain.

Fill the form and we will organize the Atomic Swaps with Bitcoin on your service. Please, write that you are from DEX.