Swap.online for stablecoins

Stablecoins are the private cryptocurrencies with the exchange rate pegged to fiat assets, in most cases – to the U.S. dollar. This type of crypto is useful as it helps to buy any crypto for the fixed exchange rate.
If you plan to issue the stablecoin, we can create the wallet for it in short term. Your users can store their stablecoins in this wallet and exchange it on another cryptocurrencies i.a. – on the Bitcoins.
Morever, Swap.online is building the net of the exchange solutions allowing to exchange your stablecoin on every altcoin. It will raise the popularity of your currency and help to spread it.
Finally, we can organize for you modern and easy-to-use online bank with stablecoins. The project tokens can act as the payment units in this system. Swap.online functional allow to deliver the services of credits and deposits. It will be much cheaper than the existing cryptocurrency payment solutions.