Mainnet Release

The cross-chain wallet Swap.Online has been launched on the mainnet; Atomic swaps are now available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and ERC20 tokens.

Swap.Online: Wallet

The development team of the decentralized multi-chain Swap.Online wallet is delighted to announce the launch of the main service’s functions. To date, Swap.Online can be used for storing Bitcoins, Ether, EOS, USDT and the new stablecoin Gemini Dollar (GUSD) from the Winklewoss brothers, and for atomic exchanges between the currencies. In addition, the wallet allows users to store and exchange a number of promising ERC-20 tokens, including the coins of the Aeron project (ERC-20: ARN), Crowdholding (ERC-20: YUP), Leverj (ERC-20: LEV) and many others.

Currently, the Swap.Online wallet does not charge any commission for storage, I / O or cryptocurrency exchange services. The project is also offering the possibility of adding funds to the wallet in exchange for the organization of mutual PR-activities, BTC, ETH, or ERC-20 standard tokens on any interesting project.

Swap.Online: The Technology

Technologically, the Swap.Online wallet offers its users a number of advanced solutions. First, it is truly decentralized, as the exchange does not rely on any central servers, and all transactions pass through the IPFS. Secondly, neither the Swap.Online team nor any third parties have access to user keys. The keys are uploaded directly to the browser and can only be used by the exchange participant. Thirdly, working with Swap.Online does not involve any additional downloads, add-ons, plug-ins, application settings, etc. The user’s browser turns into a cryptocurrency wallet in a couple of seconds after opening the Swap.Online page.

Swap.Online: Roadmap

The algorithm of the decentralized cross-chain cryptocurrency exchange that Swap.Online operates on was formulated and published by the project executive director Alexander Noxon on November 22, 2017, as a solution for receiving Bitcoin and tokens into decentralized applications. Having agreed on private investments (Swap.Online did not and will never conduct an ICO), Noxon started working on the project in early 2018. In May 2018, Swap.Online announced the release of a test version of the wallet, in June the project conducted a complete and independent technical audit of the code. In August 2018, the project team received a positive legal opinion and a license to conduct financial transactions and the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies from a specialized agency of one of the EU states. The atomic exchanges involving the EOS network and the USD Tether stablecoin conducted by the developers of Swap.Online in September 2018 have no significant precedents in world practice and can be considered a unique development.

At the moment, a web version of the service is available, which completely written in JavaScript. A desktop and mobile application are currently under development along with an add-on for Google Chrome. The project also plans to launch the Swap.Button, a widget for sites that allows users to accept tokens as an investment. The project team is currently engaged in ongoing negotiations with startups interested in listing their tokens and is adding the most highly demanded projects on a weekly basis to its platform.