Last Call: SWAP.Online Smart Bounty Third Round

As you already know, the Bounty & Airdrop Campaign of SWAP.Online is organized in unique, really ‘smart’ way. Only best participants will get their reward but this reward is twice as high as the average for the competitors. We also informed you about the results of the first round of the campaign, and now we are proudly presenting the third one!


Second Bounty Stage is Over on Jun, 14.


We analyzed the results of the second round  – and it’s really fascinating! Anton K, head of our Bounty & Airdrop department found it really successful. “The bounty hunters from Twitter and Facebook are predictably among the most active. Also, I need to mention two brilliant bloggers who presented very interesting reviews for SWAP.Online solutions. Yanadimaz10 described our projects in Russian via his Hamstercoin ICO & Crypto Blogspot Journal. Indonesian blockchain enthusiast Jubah84 made very accurate review in Bahasa Indonesia  on the SteemIt Social Platform.Other participants also show bright interest in the project rapidly and precisely completing all social tasks. As in the case of the first round, all the tokens were successfully distributed among the best participants without any problems and complaints”.


Maybe, you’re one we are looking for


Now, on the third stage of the Bounty, we are in particular need for the Signature Bounty and Medium Bounty. The last one is rather sensitive: the Medium Platform has restricted the Terms of Use regarding the ICO&Crypto issues. The Signature Bounty tasks are much easier: you need only Bitcointalk account and some patience. “The Medium and Signature program are among the most well-paid segments of our Smart Bounty. We analyzed the costs of average tasks for the experienced users and found that one can earn there four times more than Facebook and Twitter bounty hunter”, says Zakhar.


Four Reasons to Join the SWAP.Online Bounty


  1. No ICO: the Bounty Hunters are barely only token holders outside the SWAP.Online team.
  2. Guaranteed Interest: the SWAP token will be the only acceptable mean of payment in SWAP.Online project for the full range of decentralized over-the-counter crypto marketplace services.
  3. Project Release Coming VERY Soon: The Airdrop is scheduled on Jun 30, 2018 and the exchange starts operating in Aug, 2018.


So, don’t miss the call. Apply for SWAP.Online Smart Bounty and Airdrop Campaign today!