Swap.Online By weekly News Digest #2 (Aug 6 – Aug 27)

Product Development

First of all, read about our game changing  solution on the Atomic Swaps exchange between USDT – the most controversial cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization in the world and different blockchains. If you have basic knowledge of C++ , you can see how we solved the problem of the USDT exchange in 200 lines of code. If you have no such experience, it’s time to know what Tether is, that everybody is talking about, why its exchange is important, and how the world leading development team misled 97% of the USDT holders.

Do not hesitate to read about the results of our developers progress in August. They brilliantly improved the stability and usability of our product, solved some issues with the IPFS, tested and implemented the possibility of sending the links on the given order.

Do not miss the news about the Atomic Swaps with EOS in/at the end of the article

Research and Analysis

Swap.Online conducted a comprehensive research of our competitors. Due to the multi-functional nature of our crypto wallet, for the research we considered not only decentralized exchanges but even some centralized services. Also, we wrote shortly on some projects you definitely should look at in 2019.

By the way, the decentralized peer-to-peer instant cross-chain crypto tokens exchange is the initial idea of Swap.Online. Our CEO Alexander Noxon predicted that in 2019 the amount of trading in decentralized exchanges will surpass that of the centralized ones. We decided to look back on the turbulent history of digital money exchange technologies starting from the non-blockchain era of the mid-2000s

to the Atomic Swap DEXs of nowadays.

Finally, we invite you to the ‘final level’ of decentralization – cross-chain interaction. In our research, we explain why this technology is still missing, where we can find its roots, and which teams are the closest to commercial implementation of this tech. The Polkadot project as the pioneers of many-to-many cross-chain interactions is analyzed with particular attention.

See you in September with the Swap.Online Byweekly News Digest #3,

Swap.Online Team

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