Кто получит токены SWAP бесплатно

In contrast to Swap.Online smart-bounty program which is the way to get the project utility-token through a series of social media tasks, there are some types of people able to receive the tokens gratis. These lucky guys (and girls!) should only put their e-mail, social media link, Ethereum wallet address or Github profile to the special form – and receive the first decentralized exchange protocol utility tokens for free on Jun 30, 2018. It should be reminded, that the tokens will be the only way to pay for the project advertisement or premium account features as well as for the listing of your own currency. As nor ICO no mining is planned, the Airdrop & Bounty participants have the unique possibility to get this rare asset.


Have a look, maybe you’re one of them?


  1. Blockchain developers (2 000 persons). Those who are able to build the Swap.Online button to their own projects and start to receive the crypto via the web-sites.
  2. Cross-chain exchange adepts (10 000). They know what the Atomic Swaps technology is and how it can be used. Those who discuss it publically are particularly interesting for the project.
  3. Crypto channel adepts (3000). In focus – Raiden and Lightning algorithms users. By the way, everyone who shares the value of this issue is awaited.
  4. Crypto Investors (3000). It’s obvious that the vast majority of people invested in crypto during the year of 2017 gained their interest. But only the most successful among them will receive the tokens via  Swap.Online smart airdrop. The point for the project is the professional feedback form this category of participants could hardly be reached any other way.
  5. Digital Security Geeks (TBA). Nothing to say. Bug reports, algorithms and code check, system security vulnerability tests will always be hardly regarded. The project team only expressed hope not to be hacked during the project performance.
  6. IT-Girls. No way for the sexism in Swap.Online. But girls are still ‘rare birds’ in IT, so, the project will be one of the first to encourage them personally.


Maybe, you know who is missed? Should you have an appropriate community interested in the project tokens, please, don’t hesitate to contact SWAP.Online!


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