Swap.Online launches smart-bounty program

Following the testnet of the swaps, it will be the second stage of the market introducing of this interesting product. Two reasons making this program really anticipated in crypto world should be mentioned. Firstly, the product of SWAP.Online is clear and really good: you can join the first decentralized exchange protocol (not DEX, but the unique way for buyer and seller to get connected instantly and safely). Then, this bounty is the only chance to purchase the project utility-token as no ICO is planned. With the increasing interest to the utility-token in future (this ERC-20 token is the only mean of payment accepted by SWAP.Online services), the bounty participants will remain barely the only people able to sell them. The range of the services provided by the SWAP.Online for the sake of this token is really large: customers’ token listing, premium account with the extended functionality, advertising banners, ICO & crypto investment consulting etc.




The whole period of bounty is divided into several rounds. Every round of bounty lasts two weeks. Every group of participants accepts new social tasks for every single round. The details of social tasks are to be announced soon. It’s already known that, as usual, it will be connected with the project promotion in social media, producing video and text content describing the project’s key features. The brand-new decision is the multi-level system of reward after every round. Only 20 % of the participants will receive coins – the most active participants with most prominent attitude towards the project. Thus, this bounty is only for those who really pokes about in crypto investment. The 1000+ bloggers and YouTube opinion leaders are also awaited. The average reward for the active participant is estimated by the SWAP.Online team as 200 to 400 USD (in the approximate equivalent of the initial coin price) for one round. E.g. some SS’2018 crypto bounty programs allow its participant to earn 75 to 200 USD for the whole project, as the airdrops.io says. So, the participation in SWAP.Online bounty program seems to be really visionary for crypto analysts, writers, private investors.


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