Atomic Swaps are instant peer-to-peer interactions between two different blockchains. Atomic Swaps are totally decentralised as nobody but the participants is able to affect the interaction, corrupt it or control it. team experience in this sphere is unique on a global scale. It was who finalized first ever Atomic Swap on the USDT  full version as well as on EOS. Moreover, shortly we launched Atomic Swaps on 45+ tokens of ERC-20 projects, i.a. the assets of MakerDAO (ERC-20: DAI) and 10+ assets from the CoinMarketCap top-100.

We are ready to put Atomic Swaps at the service of your business.

Who are among our potential customers?

  • Decentralised exchange services. Still using one single blockchain or proxy-token? We can add decentralised swaps with Bitcoin. In March, 2019 we agreed with DEEX (Graphene-backed proxy-token DEX) about Bitcoin integration.
  • Blockchains. We will create the infrastructure for the token emission on your blockchain as well as for the dApp launch. We will organize the exchange between ERC-20 and your blockchain and prepare the transfer of assets from the Ethereum network to your blockchain (like it was done by EOS). We suppose that blockchain becomes ‘big’ only when dApps and games are working within its framework. Don’t miss the opportunity to show your developability and scalability to the community. Also, we can prepare prominent SDK for your blockchain.
  • Stablecoins. We will create your private wallet and launch the exchange on altcoins. Usually it takes 4 to 5 working days. E.g. in October, 2018 we launched the Atomic Swaps on the GUSD – USD-pegged stablecoin by the Gemini exchange. This option will burst the turnover of your stablecoin and will ensure the flow of new users.
  • All teams with the tokens. We will create a widget: you will be able to collect Bitcoin and USDT directly on your site by exchanging it on your token in one click. 45+ projects have already launched such exchange and informed their community about
  • Cryptocurrencies developers and contributors. We can help you by adding the exchange, widget, wallet on your customers’ web-pages.

We strongly believe that Atomic Swaps today is the need of time.
We strongly believe that tomorrow it will be the ‘sine qua non’ for the loyalty of your community and competitiveness of your solutions.

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The abovementioned list of use-cases is just the illustration for main features.
We are ready to help you with the blockchain development, marketing, promotion.

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