Atomic Swap – instant decentralized cross-chain exchange operations

atomic swap exchange

The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 has demonstrated that the exchange of this asset is still unsafe and over-regulated, thus unfavorable. Centralized exchange services with high transaction fees, low performance, complicated front-end are proving to be a kind of easy target for the scams, frauds and direct theft. Unlike them, we don’t store clients’ tokens, private keys or user info. We’ve just developed an open-source protocol where instant peer-to-peer transactions are executed.

Exchange BTC to ETH directly wallet-to-wallet. No web client installation, no app download, no plug-ins – open Swap.Online in your browser and make an offer!


How do we do it?

  • Atomic Swaps technology provides the ability to trade directly and instantly
  • The platform is cross-chain: operations in BTC and ERC-20-tokens are available
  • No JS injection
  • HTLC-contracts: truly decentralized orderbook, instant swaps, reputation management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Premium Accounts with extended features
  • Teaching mode for the new-comers
  • Multi-level traders’ ranking



With Swap.Online launched the cross-chain decentralized exchange will never be the same

Token conversion solution

atomic swap


Collect BTC and ERC-20 tokens directly to your project

Swap.Online offers all crypto-oriented projects a service for token collection. BTC, as well as the ERC-20 tokens, with their growing popularity will be collected . All the functions will be available via API as one button for every website – just like the Visa or PayPal gateway button for traditional online stores. The Swap Button solution is safe as it is decentralized. The customers’ means are not stored by Swap.Online. With the Atomic Swap technology used, you get crypto instantly in your wallet, and your customer receives his or her tokens in their wallet: the middleman is cut out.  So, this decision seems to be the key to success especially for small-to-middle ICO projects which have no option of attracting anchor investors.

Become a part of a project that brings closer together the interests of crypto traders, start-ups and ICO launchers. Exchange crypto, get your tokens, install the Swap Button.

Install the Swap Button on your site, and start token-conversion today!

atomic swap wallet



Airdrop and Bounty Program

We launch our airdrop on Jun 30th, 2018. In future, only airdrop customers and bounty-hunters will be able to sell our tokens. No ICO. No mining.

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