First Decentralized Exchange Protocol Token To Be Issued on Jun 30, 2018

SWAP.Online, Russia-based Atomic Swaps decentralized exchange protocol, announced the program of the utility-token distribution. This token will be the only acceptable mean of payment for the full range of the protocol services e.g. advertisement banners, token listing, premium accounts etc. There will be no ICO and no mining, so, the Bounty&Airdrop Participants will be barely exclusive holders of tokens and possible traders.

swap token distribution


The tokens for the Project Development will be frozen during next year. Thus, the participation in SWAP.Online Smart Airdrop & Smart Bounty is the smartest way to get really rare asset – SWAP.Online Tokens.


For Smart Airdrop Program, the SWAP.Online team called for the venture investors, cross-chain geeks, Lightning & Rayden adepts, crypto fans with big social influence and IT girls. No kidding: the project is particularly interested in girls encouraged in crypto & blockchain sphere! Other categories are also welcome but need to explain their interest and value to the project.


For Smart Bounty Program, the team called for the bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn users, crypto writers. To receive the token volume equal to 400 USD for one week of Smart Bounty you need nothing but your social media influence. Only 25 % top participants will receive their tokens but the reward is six time more than average in compared projects. So, it seems to be the most interesting decision for real professionals in the sphere.


SWAP.Online itself is a revolutionary start-up sharing two main ideas . The first one is to exchange crypto (ERC-20 to BTC as well as ERC-20 to ERC-20) in browser in really decentralized peer-to-peer way, wallet to wallet. The second one is to accept crypto to B2B projects via SWAP.Online button that could be installed through the API principles on every crypto project web-site. Team and developers of the project have more than 10 years of experience in venture investment and more than 5 years fin-tech & blockchain projects. The project had successfully released alpha-testnet version (Spring, 2018) and executed first Atomic Swaps in browser.

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